My Debit/Credit card deposit rejected?

My Debit/Credit card deposit rejected?

Unfortunately, our team is unable to see the exact reason why a particular card deposit was rejected. There are a few common reasons that may be responsible, however.

Issuing Bank Does Not Allow Transaction

Some banks do not allow deposits to online casinos using their financial instruments. Check with your issuing bank to determine whether you are allowed to deposit into Stardust Casino.


Gift Card Restrictions

Prepaid gift cards have certain restrictions with regards to the amount allowed to be deposited: 

  1. A maximum of 5 unique cards can be used in a 7 days rolling period
  2. A maximum of $250 cumulative deposit in a 7 days rolling period


Insufficient Funds

Debit card deposits can often be rejected for not having sufficient funds in the associated bank account to cover the transaction. Our processor does not pre-deposit the funds into your gaming account, and you are required to have the necessary amount at the time of the transaction. Ensure your account balance contains enough to cover your deposit.


If none of these seem to be your problem, we advise trying either a different card or one of our many alternative deposit methods!

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