Visa / MasterCard/Amex

Visa / MasterCard/Amex

Visa / MasterCard/Amex 
You can deposit funds to your casino gaming account using a VISA, Amex, or MasterCard. Some banks restrict transactions made on standard credit cards to gaming sites. If your credit card transaction is declined because of your card issuing bank, you can try other deposit methods.

 To initiate a deposit with this method, select the Credit card option from the Add Funds menu.

Then, select your card type, your monetary amount (minimum: $10.00), and fill in all remaining information in the form. Please note that some information will be auto-filled based on the information currently on your account! If the billing address is different than what is listed on your account or in the form, please ensure you correct it prior to depositing.

You must NOT use a business credit card to make transactions. 
PrePaid Card Restrictions: You can only deposit with a maximum of 5 unique cards and $250 in cumulative deposits in a 7 day rolling period. 

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